At Delta Prep, we use a fundamental, back to basics holistic approach that goes beyond just grades and test scores. We work with students to help them achieve their goals in standardized tests like TJ, AOS, PSAT, ACT and SAT, by using technology to provide guidance on studying. Diagnostic tools help identify areas of needed improvement by categorizing test questions by subject type and difficulty. The testing platform also has a timing tracker that displays the time spent on each question to help students effectively manage their time. It also prioritizes the topics or subtopics that need to be tackled in order of importance for maximum score improvement, whether your target is 1300 or 1600.

Every standardized test requires a unique set of skills

We provide the tools for students to learn the test-taking skills they need to succeed in their test. Let us help you master your test.

Choose your Test

Build Confidence through Personalized Practice

Our system adapts, using insights from practice test results to help each student focus on the most impactful practice.

Timing analysis

Learn the most effective timing strategy for your test using our timing feedback.

Data-driven practice

Use personalized recommendations to target areas of weakness.

Achieve your goals

Get the score you need to gain admission to your dream schools.

Key strategies

We teach you the test-taking strategies you need to be successful on test day.